What is Verified natural beef (vnb)?

The VNB program was developed as a bundled marketing statement and associated verification program to address a market need for livestock whose products would qualify for marketing claims of: 1. No antibiotics administered; 2. No hormones administered; and 3. No animal by-products fed at any point in the animal's life.

What happens when cattle get sick?

If a calf gets sick, they are treated appropriately with antibiotics if required.  If they are treated with antibiotics, they are identified, documented, and removed from the VNB program.  Cattle treated with antibiotics are marketed in a different manner.

What breed of cattle do you raise?

All three of our farms raise predominately Black Angus cattle.  The angus breed has a more extensive genetic profile, allowing for better gene selection to produce better quality beef.

is 580beef considered grass fed?

580Beef is not considered fully grass fed.  Cattle produced for 580Beef are raised on pasture for 10 to 14 months. To ensure a consistent year-round supply, all of our cattle go through a finishing period of about 120 days and receive a nutritionally balanced ration of grain and hay.

How do you verify your production and marketing processes?

All of our farms are third party verified and audited every 12 months to ensure our ranching practices follow the guidelines of the VNB program.  The auditor checks individual calf medical records, feed labels, pasture management, as well as cattle handling equipment and practices. 

When is the best time to harvest beef?

Our calves are chosen individually based on finished appearance, which typically occurs at 18 months of age or approximately 1350 pounds.

What is dry-aged?

Dry-aging is the process by which beef is aged before being trimmed and cut into steaks.  It’s a process that not only helps the meat develop flavor, but also makes the beef far more tender.