grantz farms

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Brian & Pam, with their son, Riley, live northeast of Covington, OK.  In 1995, after Brian graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Animal Science, Brian knew he wanted to raise cattle.  Neither Brian nor Pam were raised on a farm and realized they would have to build from the ground up.  They established Grantz Farms in 1996 with 12 cows, a new custom haying business, and dreams of a large cow-calf operation.  “Raising cattle is my passion,” says Brian.  “I’m so lucky - I get to do what I love.”  With hard work and persistence, they now manage over 300 cows on 2500 acres of cropland and grass.  A 20-year process of sire selection and genetic testing has resulted in very high quality beef. 

Being good stewards of the land is very important to them as well.  They practice rotational grazing, the use of cover crops, and minimum or no-till cultivation to improve soil quality and increase forage production making a more sustainable earth.

The idea of selling their beef locally had been discussed numerous times.  So when the opportunity arose to collaborate with other local ranchers to do just that, they were immediately on board.  "We are so excited to finally be able to offer our locally-raised, hormone & antibiotic free, clean beef on a larger scale.  Put 580BEEF on your table – we’re confident you’ll love it!"

oklahoma natural beef 580 beef.jpg
oklahoma natural beef 580 beef.jpg