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What's in your beef?

Our cattle are located on various grass pastures and wheat farms throughout Northwest Oklahoma.  Though our cattle are raised on pasture for the first ten to fourteen months, 580BEEF cattle are grain finished to ensure a consistent, year-round supply.  All grain is free of antibiotics, growth enhancing hormones, and animal by-products. Cattle are processed locally in Kiowa, KS and dry-aged 14-21 days for added flavor and tenderness.  Our beef is then frozen immediately and individually vacuum packed to lock in freshness.

What's Certified Natural?

Our cattle are verified natural beef (VNB) through a third party verification company.  This third party verification company is an independent company that conducts on-site audits.  The company sets guidelines for our ranchers to ensure a quality beef product that is natural, as well as age and source verified.  The independent company requires our ranchers to keep records on every individual animal, tracking birthdates, parentage, and medical and vaccination records.  Standards and guidelines are also set for feed: no hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products.  All employees on the ranches are trained and follow the VNB program. 

In summary, you can trust that our beef is locally sourced, harvested at a young age, and certified natural.